BizGalz recap: Encouraging cultural sisterhood with Black Girl Magik


Diversity is something to be celebrated and embraced. It’s also an opportunity for people, from a number of backgrounds, to come together and support one another. This means so much more than simply starting a conversation. It means making a conscious effort to understand, that while we all share similarities, that we can definitely learn from our differences. Last week our guest Shydeia Caldwell, Founder of Black Girl Magik, spoke to the BizGalz community about cultural sisterhood and what we can do to encourage it. Here’s what they had to say:

Diversity is important because it allows us to learn about experiences that we are unfamiliar with. We become more open to different views and can see how valid all walks of life are.

Recognising our similarities brings us together as a community. We often have much more in common than we think and this opens the doors of trust and empathy.

We should acknowledge the struggle of others and make an effort to support one another. You may not be able to completely comprehend what another person is going through but you can make time to be present and listen.

`Discrimination is out there. It happens in all shapes and forms and should not be ignored. We have to come together to fight against it. 

Accepting differences and speaking up about diversity (of a lack of it) is just the first step. Start to consider ‘different’ as beautiful, then amazing things will begin to happen.

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