BizGalz Recap: How to start a non-profit with Kayla Chatkiewicz


Many of us want to support a cause or give back to our own communities at some stage. And, many more people make this the objective of their careers. But with so many non-profit organisations around, how do you begin to go about creating your own? Last week we had Kayla Chatkiewicz, CEO of SMyellin Media, speak to the BizGalz community about her experience and shed some light on running a NPO.

With so many NPOs already out there, there’s plenty of space to figure out what is right for you. Your organisation has the potential to be a part of a greater cause. It’s is not about detracting attention away from what already exists, but fulfilling a need and being driven by a unique purpose.

A personal story can make an NPO more impactful. If you want people to remember your cause, you have to allow them to relate to you. And what better way to do this than storytelling? People invest in other people, not slogans and logos. So storytelling is key.

NPOs are faced with plenty of challenges. The more that you’re prepared for them, the easier it will be to address and overcome them! Beyond finances, NPOs also have to start utilizing technology. Times are changing and they cannot afford to be left behind.

Your mission statement is your most valuable asset. It draws people in and turns them into brand advocates. Give them a reason to think of you first when they want to contribute to your particular cause.

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