BizGalz Recap: How to Make it as a Freelancer with Rachel Joyce


More and more people want the flexibility to work from home, choose projects that really resonate with them and adopt a refreshing work/life balance. So, it goes without saying, that Freelancing is on the rise! Whilst becoming a professional freelancer may be the objective, how do you do this successfully? What steps do you take (and pitfalls should you avoid) when trying to set up your own camp? We had Rachel Joyce, blogger behind ‘You Must Love Food‘, as our BizGalz guest and she shared some of her advice with our community. Here’s what they had to say:

Work with the connections that you have now, building a client list takes time and patience. Networking can be the foundation of many businesses but, as a Freelancer, it is your bread and butter. Start by working with people who are familiar with your work and know your skill set.

With freelancing comes freedom… but that doesn’t mean that being your own boss isn’t hard work! There’s a huge misconception that being a Freelancer involves doing work as and when you want to, lounging with your laptop on a beach or at home in you Pj’s. What many people fail to realise is that being your own boss also means that you are 100% financially dependent on YOUR ability to bring in business. This means putting in the extra hours, getting recommendations and producing quality above quantity.

We all agreed that there are some myths about Freelancing that have to go! Here are a few of them…

Communication is everything. If you want to keep clients happy (and reduce your blood pressure) make sure that your mode of communication is crystal clear. This might mean less emails and more phone calls or Skype, but ultimately it makes the process of working with people more pleasant and memorable for all the right reasons.

Feel as if we’ve missed anything out? Drop us a line on @BizGalz on Twitter – we’d love to keep the conversation going!


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