BizGalz Recap: How to Use Social Media When On the Job Hunt with Jade Phillips

Last Monday our own Jade Phillips joined #BizGalz as our guest to talk about leveraging social media during the job search. Jade is an exemplary example of utilizing her connections to find a new position. Her company downsized during the holiday season and within a month Jade had landed a wonderful new opportunity thanks to her ability to utilize connections she had made via social media. Our chat centered around how to successfully utilize online connections for finding a new position. In lauding the merits of social media, a few things stood out to our community.

Used well, social media can be a strong platform for showcasing who you are. Through the content you share, the people you interact with, and the way you present yourself as a whole can tell potential employers about you as a person and not just you as the qualifications on your C.V.


Social media is no longer just for “fun” and can be a strategic tool for leveraging your qualifications for a new position. Where social media was once a tool simply used for connecting with friends, it has undergone a transformation. You can now show your content creation capabilities, communication skills, problem solving abilities, and more through you utilization of different platforms.


Taking relationships started on social media to different platforms or offline can allow for powerful relationship building to happen. I have to give a big shout out to Jade here. We took a relationship that started on Twitter and developed BizGalz from it. This is just one example of nurturing these connections. Be strategic and create mutually beneficial connections.


Just because you’re using social media as a tool doesn’t mean you should toss more traditional job search methods out the window. Social media is just one search venue. Traditional job boards, LinkedIn connections, and other contacts can still be successful means of securing employment.


How have you used social media to help in your job search? Comment below or tweet us at @BizGalz.


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