BizGalz Recap: Supporting & Inspiring Women to Pursue their Career


It’s amazing to see so many incredibly successful female entrepreneurs. There has been so much growth in the business world for women and, with all of these role models cropping up across the globe, the younger generation of women will have plenty to aspire to. That being said, there’s no easy road to success and the support that people receive along the way can play a pivotal role in their journey. So how can we as women support one another? We discussed this with Anna Kasian, founder of Women’s Prospects, during last week’s chat.

In order to truly succeed, women must recognise how capable they are. Confidence is key. It’s very easy to feel intimidated in any industry, especially if it happens to be dominated by men, but obstacles are there to make us stronger, not defeat us.

Women don’t need to act like men to be successful. Embrace what you have to offer as an individual. There’s no one way to run or start a business and suggesting that women must ‘act’ like men implies that their way is the only way.

By helping and supporting each other, we are able to grow together. By being there for one another rather than competing, we can create an environment where women thrive.

Don’t be afraid to take risks, make mistakes and stumble. It’s all a part of the learning curve. Fear shouldn’t hold you back. There comes a time when your faith in your ability has to outshine any fear of failure.

We would like to thank everyone in our community that took part in this discussion. We have had an amazing opportunity to learn so much from all of you!

Do you think that there’s something missing? Message us on Twitter and share your thoughts! 


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