BizGalz Recap: Balancing Parenting & Career with Monina Wagner

Monina Wagner Promo Card

Work-Life Balance. It’s something every person struggles with. One of my favorite influencers, Tamara McCleary, talks about work-life synergy. I love this shift, and this is something our guest on this past week’s #BizGalz does wonderfully. Monina Wagner, a mom and career woman, is wholly dedicated to both her work and home. Not only that, Mo tells us about how one influences the other. That each has its own challenges, and that the struggles from one area do not negate the struggles in the other.

In a guest post for us on what it means to be a working mom, Mo notes that we as women continue to battle obstacles men don’t. And she asks, “How do any of us do it?” The BizGalz community came together to answer this question.

We found that there is still an imbalance in how men and women are perceived both in the workplace and in their abilities.


We found that it is important to maintain an identity outside of work and family. To be our own person. To know what defines us outside of others.


We found that we need to hold ourselves and each other accountable. We need to have better time management skills and reach out if there if we need assistance.


We found that we need to create our own “and.” What works for one person may not work for another. Finding and maintaining any work-life synergy, and then one with the addition of children to care for, takes practice and an understanding of yourself.


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